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About Us

Welcome! Here we will be real with you. We are a group of sisters, wives, and mamas, who through research and life experience, give you tried and true (and husband-approved!) information on all things lifestyle, food, and motherhood. We all have busy lives, so that is why we get right to the point and provide an ad-free experience in each of our articles because, let's keep it real, ads are a pain in the ass.
You will find posts from each of us containing our unique ideas, recipes, and research. Our goal is to save you time, money, and a whole lot of headache! 
New posts weekly.

And finally...
We have seen a lot of growth in our blog in the short time since it started.  After being approached by multiple supporters, we are more motivated than ever to keep putting out helpful, quality content.  We also want to continue to give you an ad-free experience.  This is becoming difficult as we work our regular day jobs in addition to being wives and mothers.  Please consider supporting our mission.  We are thankful for any gift that enables us to obtain better blogging equipment and help our families out financially.
We thank you very much!


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