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5 Ways to Make Healthy Food Taste Good

Let’s face it, we all know eating healthy is typically not that enjoyable. It really does not satisfy any cravings and, quite frankly, can sometimes lack in flavour. This article will fix that and make you crave healthy food, if you can actually believe that!

Even though these are great tips to follow and will indeed make eating healthy something to look forward to, you still have to give it some time for your taste buds to adjust. We are all so used to eating junk food loaded with junk ingredients that our bodies need some time to adapt and adjust to eating real food. Not to mention that most of us have been or are currently (whether you realize it or not) addicted to sugar. Sugar is even more addicting than cocaine, so do not worry about why eating healthy is hard for you; it takes time to quit an addiction, so just keep pushing forward and do not quit.


Use more spices and seasonings.

A lot of healthy food is bland because people tend to just stick to the basic seasoning of salt and pepper instead of experimenting with different spices and/or seasonings.

Spices are packed with tons of health benefits, which, surprisingly, a lot of people are unaware of! And, if people do use spices and seasonings, they usually do not add enough of them to a dish. I hardly ever measure, as most recipes do not use enough spices; I usually go by the rule that I need to smell it in the dish for it to be enough.

Start adding more spices and seasonings to your meals, and this will not only ramp up the flavour, but also increase the health benefits.

Have different textures.

Most people are tired of the same, bland, droopy salads that never change. Adding different textures to a dish, such as the crunchiness of nuts, the creaminess of an avocado, or the pop of freshness in a tomato, helps to balance out the meal as well as keep it interesting.

Add an acid.

When a dish feels like it is missing something, this is usually because it needs an acid, such as lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, to balance it out. I was very surprised to see how big of a difference a little lemon juice could make drizzled on top of a salad or other dish.

Use REAL salt.

Salt gets a bad rep these days because people think it is unhealthy if you consume too much. The problem is not the amount, but rather the salt they are using. Most salt, sadly, is fake. Yes, you read that right. Most brands of salt that you will find at an average supermarket are fake and contain zero nutritional value.

Real salt, like Redmond's, is actually healthy for you, and it is a flavour enhancer (Me and my sisters all use Redmond's salt, and we can attest to its flavour, health benefits, and even affordability!). This is important because one of the reasons healthy food is bland is because people tend to steer away from salt. Salt is extremely important not only for its nutritional value, but also because it enhances the flavours in your dish and helps satisfy cravings.


Do not limit yourself.

Yes, there are tons of chemicals, preservatives, fake ingredients, and bad sugars in a lot of the food that people buy, so I do not agree with eating those AT ALL. BUT restricting yourself by following some "diet" is not the answer either.

Take a burger, for example. It is considered an unhealthy food, but when made with homemade sourdough buns, 100% grass-fed beef, raw cheese, and organic vegetables, it can literally be just as nutritious as a salad! What I am trying to get you to see is that you risk sacrificing flavour when you avoid certain foods simply because they are not part of your diet, and this will inevitably lead to you quitting and going back to eating unhealthy food because flavourless food is unenjoyable and not sustainable.

Sometimes you have to be on a diet for health reasons, so I am not talking about that. I am talking about those who go on a diet thinking that it is healthier or will help them lose weight. Eating whole foods will help you lose weight as well as allow you to enjoy flavourful meals.

Start making the common "junk foods" that you enjoy, homemade. They will be far more nutritious, still help you lose weight, curb your sugar cravings, and taste far better! You will also be able to customize and choose what ingredients go in your food.


I hope this article helped you realize that it only takes a few simple changes to your meals to make them even healthier and tastier. And again, do give your taste buds time to adjust to tasting wholesome and nutritious food; the result is so worth it!

Thank you for reading this article, and if you have some extra time, you can scroll through our website to see a lot of healthy food-related blog posts.

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See you next Wednesday!

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