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Realistic Dinner Ideas: An Answer to the Age Old Question, "What's For Dinner?"

Everyone wants to know what's for dinner, and as a busy mom I too would like to know. It can be exhausting to try to think up what to make, as finding the brain power to be creative in the kitchen at the end of a long day can be frustrating. I have often googled "What should I make for dinner"and have scrolled through countless lists of "Easy Dinner Recipes", and "Quick Dinner Ideas"only to find unhelpful options such as "Herb Sea Scallops with Cheesy Risotto"and, "Authentic Pad Thai With Homemade Pad Thai Sauce" topping the lists. I am sorry, but I am not making my family either of those things on a random Tuesday night, especially when my two year old will happily eat cold chicken nuggets that he found on the floor from yesterday's lunch.

Sometimes we need a little inspiration, so here is a REALISTIC list of dinners you can whip up in a flash with ingredients you most likely already have on hand. These meal ideas are healthy and delicious options that I am confident your family will enjoy.





Chicken and veg sheet pan, rice side

Quick stroganoff

Slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches

Black bean falafel burgers

Chicken fried rice

Steak and eggs

Slow cooker pork loin with potatoes and carrots

Lemony quinoa and bean salad

Breaded chicken with pasta

Grilled steak on a salad with goat or feta cheese and tomatoes

Loaded baked potato soup with bacon or ham

Spaghetti with marinara sauce, vodka sauce, or alfredo sauce

Chicken and dumplings

Tacos or taco wraps

Fried spam and noodles with cheese (we call this poor man's pasta)

Vegetarian lasagna

Chicken noodle soup

Pot roast with potatoes and carrots

Pork and beans over rice

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Mexican rice with chicken (breast or thighs)

Beef goulash (with egg noodles)

Pork fried rice

Quesadillas with cheese and beans, side of sour cream and guac

Grilled chicken on a salad (add ins: boiled eggs, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, bacon...)

Beef and broccoli with fried or white rice

Breakfast for dinner (bacon, ham, eggs, toast or pancakes)

Vegetarian curry with rice

Baked chicken sandwich topped with bacon and cheese, side salad

Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and veg

Breaded (or non-breaded) pork chops with homemade blueberry sauce, side potatoes or salad

Mac and Cheese with peas

Lemon garlic chicken with noodles or rice and broccoli

Homemade hamburgers

Sausage zucchini boats or sausage stuffed squash

Vegetable barley soup with homemade crusty bread

Quick chicken pot pie

Meatball subs

Stuffed pepper soup with sausage

Baked feta pasta (try it topped with arugula!)

Marinaded chicken using salad dressing

Beef and barley soup

Lemon, or honey glazed, salmon and asparagus

Homemade pizza (with toppings of choice) and side salad

Chicken curry with rice

Chili and homemade cornbread

Buffalo chicken wraps with avocado

Chicken enchiladas or chicken enchilada soup

Sometimes when we try to think of what to make for dinner, we cannot think of ideas outside of the normal things we make for our families (What do people make for dinner other than spaghetti and burgers?) I wish this list helps inspire you when you cannot think of what to make for dinner or while you are meal planning.

What are some of your family staples? My favorite go-to is always a sheet pan meal. We like kielbasa, broccoli, carrots, and a side of white rice.

See you next Monday!



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