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DIY Puree Pouches

Pouches are a hot food item for kids, however they can be quite pricey. Moreover, ingredients inside these pouches can be questionable, as they often contain fillers and preservatives.

My oldest son recently decided that he enjoys the baby food pouches I buy for his younger brother, which I am completely on board with because it is an easy way to shove more fruits and vegetables in him. However, buying pouches for both kids was getting expensive, and that is what caused me to search for reusable baby food pouches. It is MUCH cheaper than buying the pre-made ones, and you can control the ingredients.

The flavour combinations are endless when it comes to making your own puree pouches; all you need is a blender!

Here are some flavor combinations:

  • Apple Avocado

  • Sweet Potato, Apple, Cinnamon

  • Carrot, Pea, Mango

  • Cereal, Apple, Banana

  • Banana Blueberry

  • Chicken Apple

  • Chicken Sweet Potato

  • Mango Carrot

  • Avocado Pear

  • Pear, Cinnamon, Avocado

  • Banana Pear

  • Strawberry Banana

Here is how to make purees:

  1. Gather the fruits, vegetables, and/or cereal you wish to use in the puree.

  2. If an ingredient requires cooking first, like pumpkin or sweet potato, make sure to do that first and allow it to cool down a bit.

  3. Add ingredients to the blender and add enough water to fully blend the puree. It should be the consistency of applesauce. You can also use breast milk or formula.

  4. Pour puree into pouches, seal, and label. Done! You'll want to keep these pouches in the refrigerator; they will keep for up to three days. Keep the rest in the freezer to pull out when your fridge stash is running low.

Great for older kids as well!

Another thing you can do if you have older kids and wish to save money on those applesauce pouches is to buy or make your own bulk applesauce and fill the pouches yourself. This will save you a bunch of money!

My favorite thing about these pouches are that they are freezable. They can also be placed in the dishwasher on the top rack, however my preferred way of cleaning them is with a bottle brush, a straw cleaner, and warm soapy water.

What flavour combinations are your kids' favorites? We really enjoy Apple Avocado and Sweet Potato Apple with Cinnamon.

See you next Monday,



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