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Dutch Meadows Farm Review + Weekly Haul

A few years ago, I tried some raw milk, and it was far better than any supermarket milk, to say the least. After that experience, I knew I only wanted to buy raw milk, but the problem was that I did not live close enough to any farm that sold it. So, I did some research and stumbled upon Dutch Meadows; a farm in Pennsylvania that sells its organically produced, raised, and grown items online. The fact that I could get raw milk delivered right to my door was almost unbelievable! In fact, Dutch Meadows is one of the very few places that sell raw milk online.

So of course, I ordered from there and have been ordering weekly ever since!

The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of whether Dutch Meadows is worth it for you. If you do order from them, please let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed their products as much as I do!

Here are the topics we will cover in this article:

Common Questions

Pros and Cons

My Weekly Haul

The Verdict

Common Questions

How Does it Work?

Their site is very simple to navigate, which makes ordering food a breeze. You simply put the items in your cart, choose the week you want them delivered, and that is it! The order window for the next week stops at midnight every Sunday.

For example:

My delivery day is Thursday. We will say that Thursday is the 1st day of June, and that is when I got my food delivered for that week.

I place my order by midnight on Sunday, the 4th day of June, to get my food delivered the next Thursday (the 8th).

If you miss the cutoff time of midnight on Sunday, your order will be delivered on Thursday, the 15th, instead of the 8th. In other words, if you make your order after the cutoff, you will have to wait until the following Thursday for your order to arrive. I hope that makes sense.

Then, you just wait for your order to arrive and unpack it.

What Kind of Products Do They Sell?

They sell pretty much anything and everything that you would get from a farm: from their dairy products to their meats, their homemade baked goods to their pantry items, they have it all!

Are Their Products Good Quality?

Absolutely yes! Their milk is so creamy and rich, their eggs are large with strikingly yellow/orange yolks, their baked goods taste fresh from the oven, their meat products are juicy and flavourful, and their produce is the freshest I have ever had. No organic food compares to the taste of farm-fresh, chemical-free, REAL food.

How is the Shipping Quality?

Overall, very good. They offer their own delivery service for those who live close to them, but otherwise, they use UPS. I have never had a box of cold items get warm in the summer months, and the items are packaged very well. I have had a few minor broken or dented items, but their customer service is excellent, and they have always fixed the issue. I also order their duck eggs pretty much weekly, and I have never had a single one of them break.

They also put very sweet notes on the receipt they send with your order, and it adds a very nice personal touch.

Below is a picture of what it looks like upon opening the box:

Is it Affordable?

To me, I cannot put a price tag on my health, so in that case, yes. But I will be totally upfront and say that their prices are not exactly cheap. If you are used to buying raw and grass-fed products from farms, then yes, their product prices are about the same (sometimes cheaper) than what you would pay a local farmer. But if you are used to paying $1.49 for a gallon of milk, then I can assure you that their prices would be shocking to you. In this case, I do have to say that you pay for what you get, and that is why it is worth it for us.

The prices of the products themselves are really not that bad, but the shipping is what is expensive. I do not blame them, though, because they use quality packaging material, which obviously costs more money.

If you are really wanting to improve your health and just enjoy real food, then here are some options to do that without breaking the bank:

  • Order with someone else. You have to pay an initial amount of money for the shipping (especially if you get refrigerated/frozen food), but after that, the price does not increase that much. So, ordering with someone else means that you can split the shipping cost and save more money because you would be buying items in bulk, if that makes sense.

  • Order less often. One thing about eating farm-fresh food is that a lot of the items last longer, surprisingly. So, this allows you to bulk order items every 2 weeks, monthly, quarterly, etc., thus saving you some money. Obviously, some things do not last longer than 2 weeks (raw milk, for example), so you can either freeze it or order it as a kind of treat.

The Pros and Cons


  • You can get almost all of your dairy, meat, fish, eggs, and fermented foods, delivered right to your door.

  • Is all organic, real, humanely-raised, pasture-raised, grass-fed, chemical-free, GMO-free, and preservative-free.

  • Customer service is excellent!

  • The shipping quality is very good.

  • They have a wide range of products.

  • Items usually do not stay out of stock for a while.

  • Their site is very easy to navigate.


  • Can be pricey, especially because of the shipping.

My Weekly Haul

My Dutch Meadows orders each week vary slightly in terms of the products I buy, but these are the essentials that I get with almost every order:

  • Raw goat’s milk (I get this every single week without exception)

  • Raw cultured butter

  • Duck eggs

  • Goat’s milk yogurt and/or their cow’s milk Greek yogurt

  • Whole-grain einkorn flour (Here is a great einkorn bread recipe, einkorn scone recipe, and einkorn cookie bar recipe)

  • Maple sugar (I get this often, but not weekly)

  • Raw mozzarella cheese (the best cheese I have ever had!)

  • Raw gouda cheese (perfect for melting)

  • Sauerkraut and/or kimchi (check out Mary’s recipe for slow cooker sauerkraut)

  • Spinach

  • Seasonal produce (especially strawberries and tomatoes)

  • Sweet potatoes

I get a lot of various other items there as well, but these were some of my absolute favorites. And, even though you see a lot of goat’s milk mentioned, they do have regular cow’s milk. My husband and I prefer goat’s milk over cow’s milk, but you can save a bit more money by just ordering the cow’s milk. (Either kind tastes great.)

The Verdict

The bottom line is that I think Dutch Meadows Farm is an excellent place to order from for those who want to enjoy real, healthy, fresh, and flavourful food straight from the farm. I also think they deserve more recognition for what they do by supplying raw, homegrown items that are delivered to you.

If you have decided that Dutch Meadows is worth it for you, then please consider signing up and placing an order through this link. We earn a small amount of commission from it, so we are thankful for any help.

Referral Link:

Thank you, as always, for reading this article. I hope this helped give you an idea of whether Dutch Meadows would be worth it for you.

If you want to read my review of other grocery delivery services, you can view them here:

See you next Wednesday!


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