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Healthy Chocolate Fudge

Updated: Aug 30

After “fudging” around with some basic ingredients, I found a healthy solution to my chocolate cravings. Honey and vanilla mix perfectly with the rich dark chocolate flavor from pure cocoa powder. A dash of milk and a little coconut oil creates a satisfying, fudgy texture. No pre-planning or cooking is required; you can make this quick craving fix anytime you please.



  • 3 TBSP cocoa powder

  • 2 tsp coconut oil

  • ⅛ tsp vanilla

  • 1 heaping TBSP honey

  • dash of milk (anywhere from ½-1 tsp)


  1. Measure out all ingredients into a small bowl. (If your honey and coconut oil are hard as a rock, you may want to soften them slightly in a pot or in the microwave so they combine more evenly.)

  2. Mix all ingredients until smooth. It helps to squish everything against the side of the bowl, forcing the wet ingredients to absorb the cocoa powder.

  3. This is where you have options… A) Eat the fudge by the spoonful directly out of the bowl (my personal favorite). OR B) Separate into teaspoon-sized balls and roll in either cocoa powder (extra dark chocolate flavor) or in coconut flakes (also very delicious).

  4. Cover and refrigerate any leftovers. I personally never follow this step because I never have leftovers.


I really enjoy eating this fudge, because I know exactly what I am consuming and that it is all unrefined and natural. This is my solution for wanting more chocolate in my life without the ill-effects from consuming sugared-up desserts. I hope you give it a try!


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