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Home Decor Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

Home decor is individual to everyone. Some prefer to follow a color scheme, while others may prefer to decorate their homes with memorabilia. Either way, one thing I have learned from decorating my own home is that home decor should be versatile, meaning it should be functional all year long and be able to work in several different rooms of your home. Home decor should also never follow what is trendy on social media, but rather be something that an individual actually likes. In this post I am going to share some ideas for home decor that is not trendy or will go out of style, but rather home decor that will reliably keep your home cozy and beautiful.

Tips for Home Decor That Will Never Go Out of Style

1. Choose functional decor

- Pillows, storage shelving, blankets, candles, anything that is functional that also contributes warmth and coziness to a space is a great way to decorate your home because they are items that you will eventually need. For example, I have a two drawer tiny house that I picked up at Goodwill a while back that also functions as our tea organizer. Also, the other day I found a tiny ceramic house with a battery powered light inside that serves as a night light in my kitchen. I have also seen cute ladders repurposed as blanket holders that can be leaned against a living room wall to add storage room and some vertical interest.

2. Throw pillows with removable covers are a great way to spruce up a space

- Amazon is a great place to shop for pillows and pillow covers. You can find different size pillows and exchange the covers for a different color scheme for summer and winter. Green for summer and orange or red for winter are my favorite colors for throw pillows. You can also use oversized pillows to cozy up a naked corner of a room, and use those pillows for your kids to sit on for movie nights.

3. Use your own local resources

- I really enjoy nature scenes in photographs, but buying photos that are mass printed give me an eerie feeling. To me, unoriginal artwork is tacky, so I prefer to use things I find around my yard for decor. You can find beautiful leaves or flowers growing near by and dry and press them between tissues in a heavy book for a week, or gather branches and tie them with rope to display next to a fire place. Another idea would be to have pictures printed of pretty scenery that you have photographed from where you live; perhaps a stream half frozen in the winter, or a sun setting over the countryside. I have had good luck finding affordable picture frames at Goodwill to contain these photographs.

Dried yarrow leaves that were growing in my yard make a beautiful original decor piece; all I needed to make it was some tape, a $3.99 picture frame from Goodwill, and cardstock.

4. Use decor that will never go out of style

- Recent trends have suggested that an all grey home or farmhouse theme are the"in" ways of decorating your home, and it caused most of America to incorporate these themes in their own homes. More recently, however, the trend is now switching to a neutral tan color scheme. Now, all of those people who have spent so much money on their grey or farmhouse theme home are "out of style" according to the trend, and if they wish to be back "in style" they will have to spend a bunch of money to completely revamp their home. Home decor should match your personal interests and not depend on a trend to tell you what your interests are. If you like a farmhouse theme because you always have like it and it is cozy and comfortable to you, do it! But I strongly suggest not choosing themes because they are "in" but rather because they bring you joy and comfort.

Some ideas of decor that never go out of style are flowers, nicely framed pictures of your family, vases, antique furniture, curtains or drapes, beautiful hand towels, or heavy ceramic containers and jars.

I enjoy fresh flowers in the house; they always seem to liven up the place and they are just so pretty to look at. I found this large wooden tray at Target which I can use as a serving platter for parties or, for every day use, to contain some decor pieces I enjoy. Beautiful flowers, a candle from my husband, and a beautiful plate, and we've got an island centerpiece!

5. Have decor for summer and decor for winter to keep it interesting

- You only need to switch out your decor twice a year; summer and winter. A vase of tulips in the summer is beautiful, but unfitting in the middle of December. Swap out the tulips for winterberries, pussy willows, dried wheat, or ferns. Like I mentioned earlier, swapping out pillow covers is also a great way to stay seasonal yet classic.

Summer decor in our guest bath: tulips and a green and white hand towel.

Winter decor: dried flowers, bunny tail from our yard, and a neutral hand towel.

Same vase, same towel holder; just a quick swap of the flowers and towel!

I believe home decor should be used for the sole purpose of bringing coziness to the home. I believe that most women wish to accomplish this. I also believe that it should not include too many trinkets, as that adds clutter and dust to the home. Everything you bring into your home should contribute to something, whether that be function or beauty, but the key is to add decor that contains both!

What kinds of things do you use to decorate your home?

See you next Monday,


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