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How To Dry Flowers

Have you ever come across a flower that you wish you could keep alive for ever because it is just so pretty? Today i'm going to show you how to dry flowers using silica gel. Drying flowers using silica gel preserves the full shape of the flower and allows you to keep them for a very long time. You can use them for decorating or even in creating your own picture in a deep set picture frame. Here's how to preserve flowers:

Step 1: Gather supplies

You will need silica gel, which you can buy online at Amazon or in stores at Michaels, Walmart, Joanne, or perhaps a local craft store. I recommend buying a couple of bags/jars.

You will also need flowers, cut just below the bud, and a large container to store the gel and preserve the flowers in.

Lastly, you will need a small brush for dusting off the silica gel.

Tip: When cutting flowers for drying, cut the flower right at the base of the bud. Save the stem, as you can always attach it later using hot glue if you wish to display it as a full flower and stem.

Step 2: Place some silica gel in a container. You will want to add a few inches of gel.

Step 3: Place flower in gel and sprinkle silica gel over flower, making sure it gets between the petals. Fully cover the flower with silica gel.

Step 4: Cover and store in a cool, dry place for 2-5 days, depending on how large the flower is. You will need to keep checking the flower to ensure it is fully dry. I recommend you begin checking it at 3 days. Do not leave the flowers in the gel for too long, which will cause them to become brittle and break and shatter.

Step 5: Store your flowers.

After drying, gently dust off any remaining silica gel using a small brush, like a small paintbrush. Choose a container with a lid, and sprinkle a light dusting of silica gel in the bottom of the container. Gently place your flowers inside. Be careful when handling them because they are extremely fragile.

Here is an example of a flower that was air dried vs one that was dried in silica gel:

The air dried flower lost shape and color, while the silica gel flower was beautifully preserved and only experienced a slight deepening of color due to the drying process.

You can dry any flower using silica gel. Some flowers like Echinacea, or black-eyed Susans, may not dry as successfully because the petals are so skinny to begin with that drying may cause these flowers to break easier. The good news is that you can always try and see if it works anyway; you may be surprised!

Now you can enjoy flowers much longer than they will last in a vase! I am so glad I came across this technique, because sometimes there is one particular flower I come across that I wish I could enjoy for longer, and now I can!

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