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Lawful Self-Defense Methods to Keep You Safe

In this day and age, as the world gets even more dangerous, it is extremely important to make sure you have the knowledge and tools to protect yourself and your family. All of the tools that are mentioned in this article have been vetted by my husband, who has many years of life experience in this being a US Marine and a former police officer (he is a teacher currently). Both my husband and I have spent HOURS researching, and even testing, several different non-lethal self-defense weapons, so you can rest assured knowing that the products/tools listed below are of the utmost quality and will protect you in the unfortunate event of having to use them.

First and foremost, you must understand the five principles of self-defense law, which are listed below. These principles were put together into a chart by Andrew Branca, who is the top self-defense lawyer in the United States.

Here is his website:

Here is his YouTube channel:

On a quick sidenote on the topic of lawyers, it is important to protect yourself legally in the case of a self-defense situation, so having good lawyers is a must. We use the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, and after much research, we have concluded that they are the best.

Here is their website if you would like to check them out for yourself:


— The 5 Principles of Self-Defense Law -


Don't start the fight

A person who is the initial physical aggressor in a confrontation is not the innocent party and cannot justify their use of force as self-defense.


Run if you can

Some states impose a legal duty to retreat, when safely possible, before you may use deadly force in self-defense. In all states retreat is the smart choice if safely possible.


Good decisions, under the circumstances

You don't have to make perfect decisions in self-defense. but you do have to make reasonable decisions. Mistakes, if any, must be reasonable mistakes.


Right tool, right job

Deadly defensive force may be used only to counter a deadly force threat. If the threat is non-deadly, only non-deadly defensive force may be used.


Attack in progress

The threat being defended against must be actually occurring or immediately about to occur. An already completed threat or a speculative future threat does not justify the defensive use of force.


Before I list the tools, I will give a brief synopsis of some VERY important information that you need to know in case a self-defense situation arises. I have learned this information from my husband and take it very seriously, as I know it could save my life.

  • First, you must understand that your brain is your best weapon. Always AVOID a situation if possible. And, of course, never start a fight; you should always be the innocent party, as this keeps you safe.

  • Know the laws in your state. Every state is different, and I cannot go over every single one of them, so do your research and find out the laws in your state that pertain to self-defense. And be aware of the laws in the states that you may travel through.

  • NEVER become a victim! What wins a fight is attitude; be angry and do what has to be done, lawfully, so that you do NOT become a victim.

  • Always make sure that you ONLY use lethal force when you are lawfully able to do so (ie., if the attacker is trying to give you great bodily harm, a major broken bone, a massive internal injury, or is trying to kill you).

- Pepper Spray -

Pepper spray is probably the best non-lethal option for self-defense as it can knock a full-grown man right on his ass, thus preventing the situation from getting worse. But, do not believe the false claims out there regarding pepper spray; there are no regulations for pepper spray, so any company can say anything they want about their product. They taut how their products contain lots of Scoville heat units and OC, which are good in a pepper spray, but what REALLY stops a bad guy is the Major Capsaicinoids (MC). UDAP's Mugger Fogger is the hottest formula money can buy (3.0% MC), and it is the real deal. My husband and I have several of these that we carry daily, and we cannot recommend them enough. They also supply bear spray, which is listed at a lower MC rating of only 2.0% MC, but it works great for aggressive dogs and other aggressive animals that are trying to harm you as the spray gets right into their nose without causing any permanent damage. We also carry their bear spray, as domestic dogs kill more people in the USA than any other animal.

Check the laws in your state and the states you may be traveling through because some states have restrictions on pepper spray.

Here is the link to their pepper spray:

Here is the link to their bear spray:

- Bryna -

Bryna is a company that produces non-lethal self-defense launchers that are powered by CO2. They have multiple launchers that are all excellent with a couple of different non-lethal ammo types, such as Kinetic, Pepper, and Max Pepper balls. We personally recommend the Kinetic balls (NOT the Eco-Kinetic) over the two pepper options because the pepper ones tend to leak a small amount of powder when you unload them from the magazine, which does affect the user. Plus, the Kinetic rounds deliver a whole lot of pain to the attacker, which is ideal.

Byrna is an excellent company that we cannot recommend enough, both for the quality of their products and their customer service.

And as a reminder, always check the laws in your state and the states you may travel to because, while the Byrna launchers are legal in all 50 states, some states have restrictions on the pepper/tear gas rounds.

Here is the link to their website:

- Flashlight -

Flashlights are actually a great self-defense tool to have because a good one will temporarily blind a bad guy. Any flashlight over 1000 lumens works best, but even lower-lumen ones will still work fine; it is up to you to find one you like. Below is a link to a good one that you can buy from Battery Junction. We have bought a lot of flashlights from them before, and they are a great company with good prices.


Remember, as Byrna says, “You are your own first responder.” This is an excellent phrase that is important to keep in mind. It is up to YOU to look into ways to protect yourself, but I do hope that this article helped you in that area. In fact, this will be the most important article I have written to date because it involves your safety.

Again, I hope this article was helpful to you, and if it was, leave your feedback in the comments below. Of course, no one wants to be put in a situation where self-defense is required, but if they are, it is important to have the right knowledge and tools so you walk out unharmed or at least alive.

*DISCLAIMER: None of the links that I posted in this article are sponsored, and I do not earn a single penny from any of them. They are simply tried-and-true products that my husband and I carry daily that we want you to know about.

See you next Wednesday!

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