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One of the Biggest Lies Food Companies Want You to Believe That Harms Your Health

Hi there!

In this day and age, hundreds if not thousands of people are being deceived daily by food companies based on one simple fact. Today, I will be showing you what that fact is.

It is sad that I even have to write this article. But it is the harsh reality of today.

What is the lie, you may ask? Well, they want to deceive you into thinking that you are dependent on them to obtain simple day-to-day foods and products and that these products are hard or are too time-consuming to make yourself. Do you know how easy and cheap it is to make bread yourself? How about mayonnaise? How about ketchup? How about mozzarella? What about seasoning mixes? How about all of those seemingly fancy desserts and pastries you buy? If the answer is no, then you too have been deceived and are ignorant of the real facts of the matter.

How does that really affect me, you may ask?

It harms your health and your wallet. Why? Because when you are dependent on them to provide a simple product, you will keep coming back for more, and they get money. Not to mention the fact that most of the ingredients that they put in these foods will have you end up sick in a hospital bed, to be blunt, which then benefits the medical profession. Do not believe me? Just look up all of the effects of what eating too much sugar does to your body. And sugar is in probably 90% of the processed products you buy on a regular basis. When you eat food that contains crap ingredients, what do you think will happen to your body? Do you think you will get healthier? Obviously not.

Everybody gets a piece of the pie, except for you. No, you suffer. Your health slowly declines, your wallet gets drained, and you become mentally dependent on them, but they do not care.

Most of us stroll down the store aisles looking for and buying convenient foods without giving a thought or care to how they were made or what ingredients are contained in them. We believe the label when it tells us that it is "all-natural" and made with REAL ingredients. The fact that companies even have to highlight the fact that their product uses "real" ingredients should scare you. What is the opposite? Fake ingredients? Why should the average person have to spend time and money searching for products that have so-called "real" ingredients when every product or food they buy should be real to begin with!

When I was growing up as a young child, my family was also ignorant to an extent of how easy things are to make yourself. I was under the delusion that every processed product my parents would buy could ONLY be made in a huge factory with expensive equipment. I thought bread-making was hard. I had never even touched raw dough that was not from a can! Boy, was I wrong for all those years.

I will never forget when I baked my first loaf of bread many years ago. That was the start of a long journey of finding out how ignorant I was about things I thought were hard to make.

I remember how my eyes were opened, so to speak, when I realized how simple that loaf of bread was to make. It cost hardly anything, and I made it in less than a few hours!

After that, I slowly started becoming more aware of the lie that food companies wanted me and everyone else to believe.

I have realized that people have become so numb to the concept of basic cooking skills. People in the old days used to make their own butter, bread, sauces, broth, etc., but the thought of that today seems outrageous to most. That is how bad it has gotten. I am not saying that you have to make everything from scratch; we all have busy lives, and convenient foods are a good solution. But, I am saying that you need to not be ignorant of this lie and perhaps start small by baking a loaf of bread every now and then. And, if you want to buy convenient foods, choose ones that have REAL and healthy ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

The point of this article is to get people to wake up and realize that heavy machinery and hard-to-pronounce ingredients are not required to make day-to-day products.

You may be wondering at this point, How can I fix this for myself and my family? The answer is actually quite simple, and it requires two (or three, if you can) simple steps:

Make stuff from scratch.

This is by far the best option to help you and/or your family stop being ignorant and start improving your health.

Set aside some time each week to make one thing homemade, whether it is bread, jam, sauce, cheese, or even things such as beauty products and medicines. Look up recipes, get inspiration, research easy foods to make yourself, etc. By doing this, you will improve your health, save money, and become less dependent on food companies.

Choose better products.

When you pick up that tub of ice cream (or any other processed food), look at the ingredients. Can you even pronounce half of them? Do you even recognize what they are? Have you ever seen preservatives growing on trees? The answer is no.

Instead of buying that tub of ice cream, choose healthier products. Make your own froyo and eat that, for example. Or enjoy some nuts and seeds as opposed to those heavily-processed chips and crackers.

This will help you eat healthier, which will cause you to get rid of your sugar addiction, which will then cause you to not be dependent on the food industry.

Grow your own food (if possible).

Some people do not have the ability to grow food (for whatever reason that may be), so this step is optional, but I highly recommend doing it if you can.

Whether it is as small as starting an herb garden in your kitchen or as large as starting a garden big enough to feed you and your family for months, there is usually some way you can grow something. This will cause you to be less dependent on the food industry, because you will not need food companies as much if you grow your own produce.

In this article, I talk a lot about living self-sufficiently, and it is very beneficial to read it to get some more ideas on how you can be less dependent on not only food companies but most product companies in general.

Here is a list of some of the articles we have written thus far on self-sufficient living, and recipes for making common food products at home:

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All of these articles that we have written will help you quickly start on your journey to being less or completely less dependent on the food and product industries.

We have a bunch of other articles on various things, so be sure to take a look at those as well, and always be watching for new blog posts that come out on recipes to make stuff homemade as well as gardening and self-sufficient living tips.

Start learning how to do things the old-fashioned way, and your health, mind, and wallet will thank you.

I do hope that this article helped you to not be ignorant and deceived by one of the biggest lies food companies want you to believe: that common day-to-day convenience items are hard (or impossible) to make yourself, thus causing you to depend on them to supply these products to you.

Thank you, as always, for reading this article!

Leave a comment down below or contact us directly if you have any questions or feedback. Definitely let me know if this article helped you in any way.

See you next Wednesday!


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