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Simple Healthy Vanilla Coffee Creamer Recipe

Updated: Aug 30

Have you ever felt super awkward standing around for a while trying to figure out whether or not you want to buy something at the store? Well, that was me debating between two coffee creamers. Since I was incapable of making a decision based on price and looks, I thought it seemed logical to choose based on ingredients. I was absolutely shocked to find that MILK wasn't even in the top few. Water, sugar, and soybean oil were higher than the actual milk content. The amount of preservatives added was also insane. Coffee creamer should not be this complicated, so I set out to make my own at home.

This recipe requires only a handful of simple ingredients and takes just a few minutes to make. It taste better and richer than any of the store bought creamers in my opinion.


  • ⅓ cup honey

  • 1-¼ cup heavy whipping cream*

  • ¾ cup milk*

  • 1 TBSP vanilla extract

*If you prefer a lighter creamer, you can always substitute some of the heavy whipping cream for more milk. The total content of the two combined just needs to equal 2 cups.


  1. Whisk the heavy cream, milk, and honey in a small saucepan until the honey is completely melted and combined.

  2. Remove from heat and allow the mixture to cool until it reaches room temperature.

  3. Stir in vanilla extract.

  4. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Shake well before serving.

I hope you enjoy this healthy homemade creamer in your next cup of coffee!


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