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Simple Tips for a Cozier Home

What housewife does not strive to make their home as cozy and welcoming as possible? Call me old-fashioned, but I believe cozy homes are the best homes. And as someone who is an expert at finding ways to be ultra comfortable in my house, I definitely have a few tips to help anyone effortlessly bring more warmth and coziness to their homes.


Don't Act Like Nobody Lives There

A trend I have seen lately is that people want to make their homes look like nobody lives there, like a show home on the lot. I understand the appeal of that; I really do, but in my experience, I have found that striving to make your house look like nobody has even stepped foot in because of its perfection actually causes it to be less cozy. Cozy homes have been worn and lived in with imperfections and little quirks. Do not get so stressed about a little bit of mess in the day because that creates memories and adds character. Yes, you should keep a clean house, but regular clutter and day-to-day messes are normal and should not be discouraged or thought of as not “social media-worthy”. The memories and character of your home bring more warmth and coziness than any decor or material object.

Add More Fluff

When I think of throw blankets, pillows, and fabrics, my brain instantly thinks “comfy”. Even my dog is obsessed with fluffy fabrics, but for different reasons (he likes to chew them). Adding more of those items adds warmth and coziness almost effortlessly. It does not have to be a lot either; you just want to have the space inviting enough that any guest who comes over wants to plop down and unwind in your cozy space. This even includes rugs, tea towels, and bedding; more fabrics = a cozier home.

Keep the Lighting Warm

Cold, blue lighting gives me hospital/modern vibes that I am really not a fan of. To make your home cozy, switch out your bulbs for a warm color. Dimming the lighting, using string lights, and lighting candles are also great options to add some extra warmth to your home. This is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways to cozy up your space.

Add Some Wood

Any type of wood works, whether it be wood furniture, wood decor, wood picture frames, wood shelves, or even a bundle of firewood by the fireplace. You do not have to completely deck out your house to be wood-themed, but simply having a few wood pieces can significantly increase the cozy levels in your home.

Make it Smell Irresistible

I wrote a blog post already about the different methods you can use to make your house smell lovely, so you can check it out to get all of the info. Suffice to say, having a lovely-smelling home lends itself to coziness, especially if the scents are warm (cinnamon, vanilla, woodsy, etc.) or if the scent of freshly baked goods fills the house.

Add Personal Touches

I have grown to strongly dislike “cookie-cutter” homes and decor. I used to not really care too much, but now when I buy something that is strictly for decor, I like it to have a little history and character to it. Sometimes this is not always the case, but I do try to minimize the amount of mass-produced decor that is in my home. Having items in your home that are unique, especially if they carry sentimental value, makes your house truly yours. This adds coziness because it will be different from every other house, and you can relax in your space knowing these things make you happy.


I hope this article helped you add some extra coziness to your home, and if it did, let me know in the comments below!

See you next Wednesday!


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