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The Best & Easiest, All-Natural Homemade Floor Cleaner

Hi there!

I think we can all agree that having freshly mopped floors is a wonderful feeling.

No muddy dog prints, no food splatters, no flour (hehe, only me?), and it smells so fresh and clean!

Ahhh… tis’ a sweet, once a week feeling for me.

Until I forget the floor is wet and I slip…ha! It has happened before, unfortunately.

But, what is even better than a clean and sweet-smelling floor, is a clean and sweet-smelling floor that was cleansed with natural and cheap ingredients!

So, that is what I will be telling you about today.

I would like to mention that I have used Pine-sol my entire life up until recently.

While I did like Pine-sol, I am NEVER turning back after trying this homemade version.

When I used to use Pine-sol, it would leave the floors smelling clean, yes, and even looking pretty good. But this homemade version makes the floor feel disinfected, soft (oddly enough), and just very clean. My feet can definitely feel the difference.

And, it even seems like the floor stays cleaner for longer, surprisingly.

I also mop on my hands and knees, but using this mixture helps as I do not have to scrub nearly as hard to get stuff off of the floor.

This mixture is also relatively septic-safe, but if you have a septic and want to be on the safe-side, do not add the alcohol to this mixture.

Made with common household ingredients, it is cheap, easy, and natural! It is healthy for people and pets as well.

*Disclaimer: This cleaner contains vinegar which is not recommended to use on granite, marble, stone, wood, and waxed finishes. If you are not sure if the vinegar will affect your flooring, use caution, and test a small amount of this solution in an inconspicuous area first.

We have laminate flooring and this solution works wonderfully on it.

I also want to mention that using essential oils is optional, but I do recommend it. My husband often mentions how nice the floor smells after I mop it.

If you decide to not use the essential oils, keep in mind that the floor will mainly smell like alcohol, but the smell does dissipate quickly so it is not that big of a deal.

I will say that this mixture uses quite a few drops of essential oils, in my opinion, but that is to cover up the alcohol and vinegar smell.

You may have to use more or less drops than I use because of personal preference, level of alcohol and/or vinegar smell, strength of essential oils, etc.

Okay, let’s get to it!

This mixture is pretty straightforward. You dump all the ingredients in a bucket and mop your floors.

You can use boiling water with this mixture if you wish, as it will not affect any of the ingredients. Obviously I cannot as I mop using my hands, but using just hot water from the tap cleans it perfectly.

*These measurements are approximate as I hardly ever measure anything, but this mixture is fully adjustable to fit your needs (water amount, solution strength, etc.).



1 Tbsp of dish soap, preferably Dawn

1/2 cup of 91% isopropyl alcohol

2 1/2 cups of vinegar

About 5-6 cups of hot or boiling water

10-15 drops of essential oils (I use lemon)


Add the ingredients to a bucket and mop the floors. How simple is that!

Look at those bubbles!

You can dispose of it down the toilet, drain, or outside if you wish.

I do hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and let me know what you think about this solution if you try it!

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