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The Importance of Being a Homemaker

Homemaker setting basket of bread on table

I remember when my husband told me for the first time that I was a good homemaker. Homemaker? I had never heard the term before, so I asked him what that meant. He replied, “You make our house a home.”

Those words, albeit seemingly simple, hold great value and meaning; you can have a house on this earth, but to have a home is an entirely different yet wonderful thing. A home can be described as many things, but I describe it as a place where we comfortably dwell, relax, enjoy, and does not cause stress or annoyance.

Before I got married to my wonderful husband, I was the complete opposite of a homemaker. I hardly cleaned or tidied up anything; I never made anything homemade; never planned any meals; did not budget; and did not have any care or concern to make the house I lived in a home. Only when I got married did I want to provide a comfortable place for my husband and me to dwell in, and that is what started my search to be a better homemaker, even though I did not quite know it yet.

Being a homemaker does not mean you live this luxurious lifestyle and sit around eating bonbons all day, as some people may think; you work hard too, as being a homemaker/housewife is a full-time job. In fact, being a homemaker can be quite hard in the sense that you do not get a paycheck, you see and do the same things every day, and since your job is at home, you do not get out as much as others (usually). These things can make homemaking boring and make you think you are not contributing enough to the family because you do not get a paycheck. This is NOT true.

Your job as a housewife contributes TONS to the family! Here are some of the reasons why:

  • You keep a clean and tidy house, which minimizes disease, the risk of injury, stress, wasting time, etc.

  • You plan meals, keep a budget, and spend money wisely, which minimizes food waste, saves money, and avoids stress.

  • You prepare healthy and homemade meals, which improve your family’s health, save money, and teach you valuable skills that you can pass on to others.

  • You take time to take care of yourself, which means your husband will always see a presentable and well-kept wife, which helps in, well... I won't mention what area it helps, if you know what I mean. Hehe...

You can see that all of these things that a housewife does on a regular basis contribute priceless things to the family.

And the nice thing about being a homemaker is that it does not matter whether you have a job or not, a husband or not, children or not, or whether you live in the country or city, as anyone can make their house a home, no matter the circumstances. You just have to start somewhere, and for me, that somewhere happened to be baking bread. But your start can be something as simple as having a daily routine or doing a better job at cleaning the house.

The goal is to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment for you and your family to live in, as much as possible—a place to call home.

I wrote this article simply to help you realize the value you bring to the table as a homemaker. I can write whole chapters about homemaking stuff, but at this point in this writing, I have realized that has been written thus far is more than enough for this post. I want it to be short and direct, so you understand the full impact of the words I have written.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and again, I sincerely hope this helps you.

See you next Wednesday!


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