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When The Lights Go Out

Chances are, you have experienced a power outage or rolling blackout, or at least know someone who has. You would know the serious consequences of losing power in your home, which include hundreds of dollars worth of food wasted in your fridge, difficulty seeing and vulnerability after sunset because of a lack of lighting (even if you have a candle or flashlight), the possibility of serious medical injury if you or a family member require an electric medical device, and the very real possibility of water pipes freezing and bursting in your walls if it is in winter. These issues may seem unlikely to ever happen to you, but in reality, power outages and rolling blackouts are increasing year by year in not only frequency but also in the amount of time they last. Just take a look at these stats from the Insider:

My husband and I have had countless power outages in the time we have been together, most ranging from just a few minutes to up to an hour, but some have lasted over 5 hours! These have usually been caused by severe storms, but there are various other causes for power outages, such as equipment failure, planned maintenance, or even animals. I have even known of power outages caused by car accidents because people rammed into an electrical pole.

Once you realize the reality that you could very likely experience a serious power outage in your life, you will understand the importance of being prepared. Whitney wrote a very similar blog post to this one, but in this post I will specifically be talking about portable power generators and the importance of them. We have multiple electric generators in our small house, and we have used pretty much all of them at least once. Below, I will list some of the reasons why I believe every household should buy an electric generator/portable power source.

Prevents Your Food from Going Bad

Depending on what size you get, a portable generator can power your refrigerator and/or freezer to prevent your food from going bad. The biggest one we have can power a full-sized fridge for up to 43 hours! And, it comes with solar panels which, if needed, can power it continuously.

Can Be Lifesaving

If you or a family member have an electrical medical device, if the power goes out, the consequences could be deadly. Having a portable generator gives you peace of mind, knowing you could possibly save someone's life.

Great for Road Trips/Camping

If you like to go on road trips or camp, having a small portable generator can be an essential tool to bring. You can keep multiple devices charged while on the road in case of an emergency as well.

Can Be Small Enough to Keep With You Anywhere

Electric portable power sources can range in size drastically, from a small one that can charge your phone to one that can power your whole house. I recommend having at least a small one and a large one to ensure you are prepared for any circumstance. We have a small one from Anker that fits nicely in a purse and gives us peace of mind knowing that if we get stuck in traffic or if we are out and about without access to a power source, we always have a way to charge our phones and various other devices that require a USB port (such as a flashlight if we wanted to go on a hike and we got lost).

Can Keep You Working

If you have a job that requires you to use your computer, having a portable power source can be super beneficial for you. You may not know how long a power outage or rolling blackout may last (a few hours or even a couple of weeks!). So having a way to power your computer or device can keep you working and possibly protect your job.


After reading just a few of the reasons why having a portable battery is so useful, I would think it would constrain everyone to want to buy one for themselves, as the consequences of not having one far outweigh the cost of purchasing one (or more).

There are gas, propane, and diesel-powered generators, or there are electric ones. My husband and I personally prefer electric over the alternative because they can fit in anyone's lifestyle, there are no recurring costs, and with the option of adding solar panels, they can last indefinitely. Having said that, do your research and find out what works for you. I will only list the products we have tried.

Anker Portable Charger (325 Power Bank)

Starting off small, we have the charger that I use most often. Anker is one of the best brands of portable batteries, chargers, power stations, etc. we have found. They supply excellent-quality products that last a long time for a decent price. They have TONS of different products in different sizes, so find one that works for you.

This charger in particular is a nice, medium-sized one that can charge 2 devices (that require a USB port) at the same time. It lasts a long time before needing to be recharged, and because of its slim design, it can fit in most purses and bags. I recommend a small one like this for everyday carry, camping trips, and long road trips.

Here it is on Amazon:

Anker PowerHouse 535 - 512Wh | 500W

This is our newest purchase that, so far, we really like. It comes with a ton of features for a great price, and it is still small enough to tuck away neatly in your home or even in your car.

It has multiple different charging ports and has a 10-year lifespan.

I recommend this for keeping in your car/truck in case of emergencies, for long camping trips, and for keeping in your home to power multiple devices/small appliances in the event of a power outage or emergency.

Here it is on their website:

Goal Zero Yeti 3000x

This is the big one and by far the most important one. While it is kind of pricey, it has by far paid for itself with the number of times we have used it. This is the one we use to power our full-sized refrigerator, and it can power it for 43 hours on a full charge. With the added option of solar panels, it can power multiple devices, lights, and appliances indefinitely.

It is a bit heavy to lug around, but it fits nicely in many areas around the house (we have ours stored neatly under our desk). It does come with wheels, though, so you could easily roll it if need be. They make an even bigger one, but this one fits our needs perfectly.

This is the perfect option to tackle any emergency situation, and I cannot recommend it enough!

Here it is on their website:


We do have a couple other portable power sources that work great, but sadly, the companies have stopped selling them. No big deal, though, as there are so many options that can fit anyone's needs.

I hope this article helped you see the importance of being prepared for the very realistic fact that you or your family could be affected by an emergency, natural disasters, power outages, or even things that happen in day-to-day life.

See you next Wednesday!


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